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The 2014 IVPA World Cup is the inaugural IVPA World Cup, the world championship for national virtual pro football teams. It will be hosted on FIFA 15 for the Xbox One and matches will take places between 3 October and 31 Octboer 2014.


Due to a shortage of national teams competing, here is a list of possible national teams that could take part in the first World Cup. There is yet a team to confirm their involvement with the World Cup.

Team Captain Continent
Flag of England England Daniel Lewis Europe
Flag of Scotland Scotland Reno Loughlin Europe
Flag of Haiti Haiti Klyde Jacques North America
Flag of the United States United States Unknown North America
Flag of Turkey Turkey Zeki Sevimli Europe


The competitions format will depend on the amount of teams participating.


All the fixtures will be listed here upon confirmation of the amount of teams taking part in the competition.