Team Class Founded on Founder('s)
Flag of England Enfield Saints F.C. Club June or July 2010 Daniel Lewis, Serkan Sadrettin and Bobby Lewis
Flag of England England national football team National 31st December 2012 Daniel Lewis
Flag of Scotland Scotland national football team National 31st December 2012 Reno Loughlin
Flag of the United States United States national football team National 7th March 2013 Gavin Shearon
Flag of Haiti Haiti national football team National 24th March 2013 Klyde Jacques
Flag of the United Kingdom United Kingdom national football team National 20th August 2013 Daniel Lewis and Reno Loughlin
Flag of Scotland Edinburgh Rovers F.C. Club 12th February 2015 Reno Loughlin

There are four clubs that could possibly be created and they are, Flag of Scotland Edinburgh City F.C., Flag of England Stratford Wanderers F.C., Flag of England Swindon Robins F.C. and a Flag of the United States New York based club. Along with those clubs there are enough players to found national teams for Flag of Turkey Turkey, Flag of Wales Wales, Flag of Spain Spain and Flag of Ireland Ireland.