Players listed with the International Virtual Pro Association may chose to represent a nation of their choice that they qualify for, a player qualifies to represent a country via the following.

  1. The country is the birthplace of the player.
  2. The player currently resides in the country.
  3. The nation their parents have roots to.

A player may be called up to one of the national sides that qualifies for that individuals nation representation, players may chose whatever national side they qualify for and once they have played a game with that nations team, he will be unable to switch national sides or change his national representation.


John Smith plays for London Romans, he was born in England and now lives in the United States, his mother was born in Spain but has French roots and father Germany. This makes John Smith eligible to play for England, the United States, France and Germany. If he decides to represent England, he is still able to change the nation he represents until he has completed a match with any of the national teams he can play for. See the table below for more help.

Player Residence Birth Place Mother Father
John Smith Flag of the United States United States Flag of England England Flag of Spain Spain & Flag of France France Flag of Germany Germany

John is eligible to play for and may chose to represent either England because it is his birth place, the United States because he currently lives there, Spain because his mother was born there, France because his mother has French roots and Germany because his father was born there.

Player Representation Before Played For Representation After
John Smith Flag of England England Flag of Germany Germany Flag of Germany Germany

John chose to represent England, however, he then played a international game for Germany, the nation he now represents is now changed from England to Germany and he can no longer play for a different national team or change the country he represents.